Pay-as-you-go Module 5


Crafting Crime Module 5 costs £46.

In return, you get access for six months to Module 5 – What’s Going On? – Plot outlining how to write a crime novel and give yourself the best chance of success, written and presented by CWA Diamond Dagger winner Martin Edwards. There is extra supplementary how-to material from Fiction Feedback and valuable tips from top crime writers from around the world.


“Writers may feel nervous or inhibited about plotting because it’s perceived as difficult to do well. Plotting is a literary skill like any other, and you can learn and develop it.”


You are also entitled to a free critique of your novel opening and synopsis, worth £165, for up to six months after making payment.

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Crafting Crime allows you to study in your own time over six months. There are no classroom or interactive sessions. Nor is there any need to submit your work for others to read, or read work from other course participants. We simply offer you a wealth of knowledge and expertise from a master crime writer.