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Fiction Feedback was established in 2008 by editor Dea Parkin. Originally offering critiques, we expanded the service a few years later to include developmental editing and copy-editing.

The Fiction Feedback consultancy has several unique selling points. First, with an extensive stable of the most expert freelance editors, we can offer critiques and edits geared not only to the genre in which our clients are writing, such as crime, but also to their level of experience.

Second, all our editors are carefully vetted and assessed. A formal editing qualification is insufficient alone to gain a contract with us. We rigorously assess editors’ skills before commissioning them. Many of our editors have worked both for publishers and directly for authors. As a final reassurance, all critiques and edits are checked before they’re sent to writers.

Third, we offer multiple critiques, and were the first consultancy to do so. Writers often find that two or three independent opinions are far more valuable to them than one alone. If writers prefer, they can opt for subsequent critiques rather than concurrent ones, so a second critique will be provided after revisions. Two critiques are not double the cost of two, but are priced to offer maximum value.

Fourth, we offer critiques and edits to novel extracts. This is useful for uncompleted work as a marker for how the writing is going, and useful too to assess the strength of a novel opening. We also offer a submission package special that comprises an edit to novel opening, synopsis and covering letter, and a copy-edit to the revised versions. For more details, see our website.

A critique of a novel opening up to 8,000 words and a synopsis of up to 1,000 words is worth £165 and included as part of the Crafting Crime course. Please email us once you’re ready for your free critique and within 6 months of buying the course, or of your final payment if you’re paying in instalments.

You can ask Fiction Feedback for one free copy-edit of up to 500 words, without obligation, anytime. Email us.

Fiction Feedback works in close collaboration with Competitive Edge Advertising & Marketing Ltd, which manages the Crafting Crime website.

I first approached Fiction Feedback for their three chapter/synopsis overview, and received back two genuinely helpful and comparatively different critiques. As a crime writer, I’d come across the company via the CWA website, and assumed we’d be a good match, which proved correct. 
Later, once my MS was finished, I approached Fiction Feedback again for copy-editing support. Again, I was very happy with the results, which included helpful thoughts and criticisms as well as a thorough refinement of grammar/punctuation/word choice, etc. 
I then submitted my MS, and was fortunate to secure a renowned agent with an interest in my style of crime fiction. Without Fiction Feedback, I would not have had an MS ready to submit. I would ardently recommend Dea’s service for all areas of writing, be it critiques or in-depth edits.   
– Elliot Sweeney, author of crime novel Tracks to The Next to Die
to be published by Wildfire, an imprint of Headline, in 2023.

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Fiction Feedback (established 2008) is a trading name of Dea Parkin, MD of Competitive Edge Writing & Marketing Ltd (1991; incorporated 2011).